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In 2009 Innovations United was founded with the intention of presenting the products of foreign companies- engaged in developing unique products for the North and South American markets- to their under-represented markets in the U.S. We realized there was an opportunity to represent them while bridging the gap between culture, language, and operations by bringing their exclusive products to customers who needed them.

With that objective, we set out to provide what was anticipated from the local markets and industry practitioners with a technical, business and customer service perspective. We’ve recently updated our brand to better represent our services. We decided “pivot” made a statement that visually and verbally characterized our services: getting products from manufacturers and “pivoting” to deliver them to our customers. Pyvot is big enough to handle large requests but nimble enough to customize individual requests, while keeping the interests of both the source and the end-user satisfied.

“Pivot:  -a pin on which something turns,
          -a key player or position,
          -a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect.”


Pyvot (aka Innovations United) specializes in developing strong partnerships with manufacturers of innovative products from around the world. Since 2009 Pyvot has been working with companies with technical advantages in the Chromatography field.

We develop quality, long-term relationships with individuals, organizations and companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries and offer precision solutions for their quality processes.

We offer complete chromatography solutions including:

  • HPLC Columns – a comprehensive product line to cover both standard and unique applications.
  • Bulk Gel and Silica – coverage of all scales including analytical, prep, and manufacturing levels
  • Fittings and Tubing – standard and specialized solutions that satisfy most applications
  • Degassing Solutions – (stand alone degassers, upgrade kits, chambers, vacuum pumps, and other pertinent parts)
  • Consumables – (vials, filters, caps, plate seals, etc.)
  • Other Equipment (evaporators, Zeta Potential Analyzer, CyroPress, etc.)


  • Continually augment our knowledge-base
  • Attend trade shows
  • Meet in your office
  • Meet remotely
  • Drink coffee!


We strive to be a company that delivers products, support, and services that meet a high standard. We work hard to help our customers with their orders and are amenable to extending inventory and consignment options and quick lead-times to meet product requirements and project timelines.

Because of our unique relationship with our manufacturers and suppliers, we can offer all Pyvot products on a global level to allow for seamless scalability and implementation.

We enjoy building working relationships with our customers. This allows us to operate intuitively according to the needs of each company to assist them in planning their projects more efficiently and to ship on their schedule to help reduce down-time.

We continuously evaluate and update pricing, product offerings, and our customer engagement so we can retain a competitive advantage and continue to deliver the excellent service and products our customers have come to expect from us.


  • Biotech
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Academic
  • Government
  • Natural products
  • Any industry requiring liquid separation or analysis


To work simply, build cooperative relationships, and connect progressive companies with the innovative solutions that support their applications.


We believe in transparency, respect, and integrity. Our relationships with our customers are the foundation of our business and we know that standing behind our words and actions builds a strong foundation.

We value positivity with all our publics (internal and external), loyalty to our customers and the relationships we create with them, integrity in how we interact with people and how we run our business, and knowing that our customers trust that we have their success in mind when asked to provide them with solutions that satisfy their needs.


Pyvot is a privately held company domiciled in the state of New York and subject to the laws of that state.
Ganba International, LLC DBA Pyvot
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