C.N. Membrane Filter

Media – Cellulose Nitrate

Technical Specifications

Operating Temp.55 ⁰C (max)
Extractable (NVR)1.0%
Protein Binding150 µg/cm²


  • Ideal for microbial analysis
  • Suitable for aqueous and protein filtration

Hydrophobic-edge C.N. Membrane

The C.N. membrane is used mainly for colony count & sterility testing of solution-containing substance with antibiotic characteristics. The hydrophobic-edge avoids the penetration of any growth inhibitory substance into the membrane clamp zone.

Cat NO.Size/Dia.Micron RatingNos PktGo to Page
160013R13 mm0.2 µm100Details
160013X13 mm0.45 µm100Details
160047R25 mm0.8 µm100Details
160025R25 mm0.2 µm100Details
160013X25 mm0.45 µm100Details
160047R47 mm0.2 µm100Details
160047X47 mm0.45 µm100Details
160047N47 mm0.8 µm100Details