Calibration and Metrology Services

While reading Lab Manager I came across this article titled, “Is Outsourcing Calibration and Metrology Services Right for You?” by Roark Galloway of Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE.

• Roark’s article speaks about the post-pandemic landscape, laboratory managers are prioritizing operational efficiency. Whether in large or small labs, managing multiple systems from various vendors is a challenge. Many labs are now opting to outsource calibration and metrology, relying on third-party experts. This approach ensures swift and accurate testing, maintaining lab functionality. Notably, it also guarantees unbiased assessments of system performance.

• Calibration services focus on verifying the accuracy of analytical systems and aligning them with manufacturer standards. Recent advancements like automation and virtual assistance are reshaping measurement precision and support. Automation streamlines processes, minimizing errors, while virtual assistance allows remote expert guidance.

• For those seeking greater efficiency, third-party services with multi-vendor expertise can optimize system selection and integration. Factors to consider when outsourcing calibration include expertise, support quality, reputation, and pricing.

• We are fortunate to supply reputable service companies like Full Spectrum with degassing parts including vacuum pumps, chambers, liquid flow meters, tubing, fittings etc. We often brainstorm and learn about new solutions as these companies and their qualified technicians balance quality, price and efficiency for their customers.

Please see the paper here.