Retrofit-kits for HPLC degassers can bring your old device to a new level with effective Systec AF® degassing chambers!

Is your HPLC degasser out of date?
Do you intend to replace your current HPLC internal degasser? DON’T!
Our retrofit-kits for degassers can give your old device a new life.

  • Dead volume reduced to <1 mL
  • Retains the original control board and vacuum sensor
  • Install upgrade in less than 20 minutes
  • Requires only the use of #1 Philips Screwdriver

or IU-02-1004 (GPC)

Systec AF® Upgrade Kit 22 is a drop-in assembly that retains the original control board and vacuum sensor so all communication functions with the HPLC stack and computer software are maintained. It can be installed in less than 20 minutes. This kit is a drop-in replacement for the original 1100 internal components and is based on Systec® AF membrane technology and closed loop vacuum control. The original power supply, control board, and pressure sensor are retained so that communication with the instrument stack and software is maintained.


In order to keep all communication functions with the HPLC
stack and the computer software, this kit retains the original
control board and vacuum sensor.
There are two versions of this upgrade kit:

• A separate 2-channel degassing chamber kit (for 79A
and 79B).

• A complete kit with Systec AF® vacuum pump and PC-
board (for 79A only).

Both versions use the Systec AF® technology, offering the full range of dedicated chambers.

Wat-AL* UPGRADE KIT 2690/2695/2790/2795

We have a unique bracket which can be mounted into the Alliance degasser. The unique design of the bracket allows mounting of either Waters original chambers, our Systec AF® chambers, or a combination of both.
Available configurations:

• Systec AF® technology with the full range of dedicated chambers available for several conditions.

• Fully compatible with the original control board.

Why upgrade your old device?

Lower Internal Volume
Go from 12ml internal degassing membrane volume down to 480µl with our Systec AF® membranes, which results in easier priming, lower flow restriction, reduced solvent changeover quantity requirements, and faster equilibration times (less than 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes).

Baseline stability with ZHCR vacuum control
The Zero Hysteresis Constant Run (ZHCR®) vacuum control makes sure the vacuum is maintained at a constant mm/Hg level which eliminates detector baseline noise due to varying vacuum levels in the chamber that occurs the with original 1100 On/Off vacuum pump control.

Optimized performance
All retrofit kits can be optimized for your use;
• Classic reverse phase chromatography with flow rates up to 3 mL/min using 480 uL chamber 9000-1004.
• GPC or straight phase chromatography with flow rates up to 3 mL/min using 480 uL chamber 9000-1184.
• Micro flow reverse phase chromatography with flow rates up to 0,5 mL/min using 100 uL chamber 9000-1000.
• Semi-Preparative reverse phase chromatography with flow rates up to 6 mL/min using 925 uL chamber 9000- 1009.

Any upgrade kit can be delivered with any chamber or combination of chambers on request.”

Working with GPC or Normal Phase Chromatography?

Use our special GPC version of the above degasser upgrade kits. The GPC version use the same stented degassing chambers as we use in DEGASi GPC, enabling you to run aggressive GPC solvents and Normal Phase solvents as hexane.

Additional Information

Our Installation Guides include step-by-step instructions:

  • Remove the original components.
  • Install the PCB & vacuum pump assemblies with related cables
  • Install the vacuum chamber assemblies.
  • Plumb vacuum tubing in the degasser
  • Replace the covers.

Full kit includes all necessary tubing, fittings, hardware, and cables to get you up and running quickly.

Retrofit kit forNo. of
max flow
Type of ChamberPart number Description   
79A 4
3CLASSIC (9000-1004)IU-02- 1001Complete Kit
79A 4 3CLASSIC (9000-1184)IU-02- 1001GPCComplete Kit GPC
79B 4 3CLASSIC (9000-1004)IU-02- 1002Complete Kit
79B 4 3CLASSIC (9000-1184)IU-02- 1002GPCComplete Kit GPC
79AB 2 3CLASSIC (9000-1004)IU-02- 1005Degasser chamber kit
79AB 2 3CLASSIC (9000-1184)IU-02- 1005GPCDegasser chamber kit GPC
79AB - --IU-02- 1006Vacuum pump and PCB
22 4 3CLASSIC (9000-1004)IU-02- 1003Complete Kit
22 4 0.5MICRO (9000-1000)IU-02- 1007Complete Kit
22 4 3GPC (9000-1184)IU-02- 1004Complete Kit
Wat-AL* 4 3CLASSIC (9000-1004)0001- 4804Complete Kit
Wat-AL* 4 3GPC (9000-1184)0001- 4804- SComplete Kit
*Waters alliance model 2690, 2695, 2790, and 2795