Lcolumn2 C6-Phenyl

L-column2 C6-Phenyl relies on π-π interaction and hydrophobicity as its primary retention mechanisms, allowing for unique separation patterns compared to the commonly used C18 with the use of the same eluent.


Particle size3µm, 5µm
Pore size12nm
Surface area340 m2/g
Carbon contents13%
Bonded phasePhenyl-hexyl silyl (C6-Phenyl)
End-cappingAdvanced end-capping
USP categoryL11
Usable pH rangepH 2-pH 7.5

Comparison between the phenyl column and C18 column

  • π-π interaction
    The separation behaviors of nitrobenzenes in different stationary phases were compared.
    The retention of the C18 column and Phenyl column without an alkyl spacer becomes stronger in order of strong hydrophobicity of nitrobenzenes.
    The retention of the phenyl column with spacer becomes stronger as the number of nitro groups increases, and the retention mechanism by π-π interaction appears strongly.