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In critical processes and manufacturing, the correct flow rate is of high importance. Air bubbles could be detrimental. With proper degassing, you can mitigate air bubbles and attain an optimal result. We customize degassers with flow rates from microlitres per minute up to cubic meters per hour.


Biosensor instrumentation, as well as other scientific and medical instrumentation, often gives the user extremely high sensitivity and performance in the analysis work. It is easy to understand how results can be ruined by a small air bubble.

Additional Information

It is fantastic to see the difference our DEGASI degasser makes at manufacturing sites producing reagent kits. It’s rewarding to see the difference our products can make in both instrumentation and diagnostic manufacturing.

Removal of dissolved gasses enables the high-precision microliter dispensing of crucial reagents that are required for the full monitoring of infectious diseases. This becomes even more important when chilled reagents, which off-gas as they warm, are dispensed. This is a good example of how important it is to remove dissolved gasses in order to retain high precision in your micro-fluidic systems.

Our microfluidics business lines provide high-precision devices for the critical manipulation of PCR fluids and reagents.  Our products are at the forefront of biotechnology solutions and are used in a wide number of industries from pharmaceuticals to food science, Next-Generation DNA sequencing technology (NGS), and biotech industries which support the production of vaccines and medicines.