Pittcon 2024 Conference and Expo

Pittcon 2024: Conference & Expo showcasing the latest advancements in fluidic technology, refractive index detection, fluorescence detectors & more!

The following shows the product experts preparing to present at Pittcon 2024 in San Diego, CA. Despite some audio challenges, the rehearsal provides some valuable insights focusing on our key products and solutions. We’re excited to introduce the Refractimaster – Refractive Index Detector, setting a new standard with its ability to handle columns up to 80°C. Another highlight is the Runge Linear Mikron Fluorescence Detector, offering modular design and real-time monitoring of fluorescence, even in chilled environments down to 4°C. Our Liquid Flow Meter provides detailed flow monitoring and integration into existing systems. Additionally, our MarvelXact connection system ensures seamless column connections without dead volume. Our Degassers effectively eliminate dissolved gases, crucial for microfluidic systems. For preparative chromatography, the Degasi Prep+ offers high-speed degassing of organic solvents, complemented by Standalone Degassers for water-based solutions. We also have a new degasser for specialized nanofluidics applications. Discover more about our comprehensive fluidic solutions and connection options on our website.