Degasser Assembly – IU-0001-4804: HPLC Upgrade

The Systec AF® Degassing Replacement Kit for HPLC instrument is simple to install in half an hour by any laboratory technician. Our upgrade kit is available with either our 100% biocompatible vacuum chambers or with our stented chambers (recommended for GPC and normal phase applications). (THF and HFIP resistant)

Please note that some degassing chambers have a slightly different outer configuration but the inside of the chamber is, including the degassing membrane, identical. The bracket has a unique design which can be mounted into an existing degasser. The unique design of the bracket allows mounting of either the original chambers, our Systec AF® chambers, or a combination of both if there is no need to change all chambers.

On-line vacuum degassing has been shown to be more effective at removing dissolved gas from mobile phases than other methods. By upgrading, you also take advantage of the latest vacuum degassing technology.


  • PPS or PEEK
  • Glass Filled PTFE (25% Glass)
  • Systec AF®
  • The GPC configuration has 316 SS. and the PPS is 40% glass filled