BioChromato Rapid Clear Resistant Seal

Multifunctional sealing film. High transparency for measuring absorbance and fluorescence. Useful for real-time PCR with human DNA free and Dnase/ Rnase free certificate. Less influence on measurements. Tight sealing at -80°C. High resistance to DMSO.


Optical transparency. Superior light transmittance for measuring the absorbance. Minimal autofluorescence for fluorescent dyes. Suitable for wide range of fluorescent dyes. Certified human DNA free and Dnasa/Rnase free. Tight sealing under cold storage at -80°C. High resistance to organic solvents such as DMSO. No residual adhesive after peeling. High airtightness to prevent moisture absorption & solvent evaporation. No contain of adhesive into samples.

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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