BioChromato Rapid EPS (Easy Piercing Seal) for HPLC-LC MS Users

RAPID EPS is designed for sealing the surface of multiple well plates including 96. 384 and 1536 well plates.
This seal has two features. One is high resistance to organic solvents such as methanol. acetonitrile and
DMSO. Another is the embossed surface for easy piercing. Thanks to these features. there is no trouble such
as contamination of adhesive into samples and needle blockage.

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Organic solvent resistance:DMSO. AcCN. MeOH
No needle blockage
No stickiness to needles of autosamplers
Easy penetration without much pressure
Easy piercing and peeling off
No residual adhesive on microplates after peeling off
High airtightness No cross-contamination between wells
Thermal stability between -80??80?: Stable adhesiveness to well plates at a lower temperature
Applicable for well plates based on SBS format including 96. 384 and 1536
Suitable for HPLC. cold storage. dry freezing
Product line: Two types of products are available
Sheet type for manual sealing
Roll type for laboratory automation compatible with auto sealers

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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