Biotech Liquid Flow Meter – Measuring Without Interference In Your Fluidic Systems

Measures continuous flow rates without interference in your fluidic systems

  1. Improved results. Supplied digitally calibrated, the AB-40010 delivers high precision and accuracy across a wide measurement range.
    Validate your system and get pump performance diagnostics at the same time!
  2. Ease of use. Specially designed app for easy interaction.
    * Save the data to your system
    * Set the integration time – from continuous reading up to 10 seconds
    * Choose between 5 different pre-calibrated solvents, or add your own!
  3. Reliable Trouble-free Operation. The ultra-reliable AB-40010 is suitable for virtually any flow application and compatible with all standard GPC/HPLC solvents.
  4. Application Areas:
    * Chromatography – validation & diagnostic purpose
    * Peristaltic pump monitoring
    * Flow chemistry
    * Process flow applications


Ordering Information

AB-40008 Biotech Micro Liquid Flow Meter
AB-40010 Biotech HPLC Liquid Flow Meter
AB-40040 Biotech Prep Liquid Flow Meter
AB-40650 Biotech High Flow Liquid Flow Meter


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Our new Digital Liquid Flow Meter continuously and accurately determines inline flow rates in various applications including liquid chromatography.


Measuring Range 0.001 ml/min to 5.000 ml/min
Maximum resolution 0.0005 ml/min
Accuracy 0.2 % FSD
Precision 0.2 % FSD
Integration Time Factor 78, 312 (Default), 1172, 5781, 9844 (Milliseconds)
Maximum Pressure 3MPa (435 psi)
pH Operating Range 1 to 11
Measuring Cell Volume 94µl
Cell Diameter 1.8mm
Cell Length 37mm
Pressure Drop 0.12millibar at 5ml/min of water
Sensor Module Robust, thermal- and chemical-resistant borosilicate glass capillary (Quartz) and PEEK
Display High-resolution OLED Display with online flow rate, status & settings information
Control Easy to use with USB-powered plug-and-play functionality
Calibration • Water Validated • MeOH, THF, EtOH/Water, ACN/Water Pre-set • Customer-chosen alternative
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 70 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 0.2kg
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Micro Flow AB-40008, HPLC FLOW AB-40010, Prep Flow AB-40040, High Flow AB-40650