Built-in Micro Pump For Liquid Transfer UP Series

High-precision drive from micro-volume to high-speed liquid transfer,
equipped with a 42-square stepping motor/liquid pump

The UP series is a liquid transfer pump with a direct-acting stepping motor that can be used for a wide range of applications, from minute liquid transfer to high-speed liquid transfer.
There is a high-pressure, high-speed drive type that uses a ball screw in the drive part, and a general-purpose type that uses a trapezoidal screw.

Specification Overview

Pump capacity- 63.3μl, 135μl, 308μl, 570μl, 1231μl
Wetted parts material- (Pump head) SUS316, PEEK / (Plunger) Zirconia, Sapphire, Alumina / (Others) Sapphire, Ruby, PTFE, PEEK, COP
Option sold separately-  Dedicated driver circuit *Single circuit

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Additional Information

63.3μl, 135μl, 308μl, 570μl, 1231μl