CERI L-column2 C18 (Cartridge-type guard column)

L-column2 ODS was developed with usability in mind. Its low pressure reduces the load of columns and equipment and its high durability provides a high theoretical plate number for a wide range of mobile phase flow rates.

Ordering Information

Particle size Type Catalog No. Length (mm) Inner diameter (mm)
5μm 3 pcs. IU752330 5 2.0
5μm 3 pcs + Holder IU752331 5 2.0
Holder ONLY IU652332 5 2.0
5μm 3 pcs IU752050 10 4.6
5μm 3 pcs + Holder IU752051 10 4.6
Holder ONLY IU652052 10 4.6













Additional Information
Particle Size



5mm, 10mm

Internal Diameter

2.0mm, 4.6mm

Extra Options

3 pcs, 3 pcs + Holder, Holder ONLY

Files and documentation

Files and documentation