CERI Nano-column and Micro-column with 0.075-0.3mm ID*

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Particle size Catalog No. Length (mm) Inner diameter
5μm IU612377 50 Non-sleeved 0.075
5μm IU612417 50 Peek sleeved 0.075
5μm IU612387 150 Non-sleeved 0.075
5μm IU612427 150 Peek sleeved 0.075
5μm IU612357 50 Non-sleeved 0.1
5μm IU612397 50Peek sleeved 0.1
5μm IU612367 150 Non-sleeved 0.1
5μm IU612407 150 Peek sleeved 0.1
5μm IU612297 50 Peek sleeved 0.2
5μm IU612307 150 Peek sleeved 0.2
5μm IU612277 50 Peek sleeved 0.3
5μm IU612287 150 Peek sleeved 0.3












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In 1990, L-column ODS was introduced as a column whose secondary interaction with the residual silanol groups was eliminated by a new end-capping method* using high-temperature silylation. At the time, the performance of L-column ODS was far superior to that of existing C18 columns, and it became a pioneer of the new-generation end-capping method.



















Additional Information
Particle Size



50 Non-sleeved, 50 Peek sleeved, 150 Non-sleeved, 150 Peek sleeved, 50 Peek sleeved

Internal Diameter

0.075, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3

Pore Size