ChromaNik SunArmor NH2

SunArmor NH2

Further Evolution of surface modification
A combination of the novel end-capping reagent with an ethylene chain and sunniest end-capping leads a silica C18 column to be stable under pH12 condition, although Sunniest end-capping leads to stability under pH10 condition.

SunArmor can be used at pH range of a mobile phase between 2 to 12. This is almost the same durability compared to a hybrid C18s column.

Furthermore, SunArmor C18 shows better shape for acidic, basic, and metal chelating compounds than the other hybrid C18 because of small residual silanol groups.

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Particle Size

3.0µm, 5.0µm


150mm, 250mm

Internal Diameter

2.0mm, 4.6mm, 10.0mm, 20.0mm

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Files and documentation

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