ChromaNik Sunniest Guard Cartridges

Sunniest series achieved the perfect end-capping through the development of their own method.

This column achieves high durability, under acidic and basic pH conditions, by the deactivation of residual silanol groups.

This series also includes UHPLC columns, for quick separations, which is the Sunniest C18-HT 2μm particle.

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Sunniest Guard Columns

This special C18 reagent consists of C18 chain part and the end-capping part like an arm. An arm of this reagent moves like a Geometrid caterpillar, so that a functional group on the tip of the arm can bond with a silanol group located anywhere.
After bonding, this unique C18 reagent an end-capping is densely done with trimethysilane (TMS) using SAC technique. (SAC technique is developed by Chromanik Technologies Inc. for Sunrise C18-SAC is an operation technique that silanol groups are converted into asiloxane bond under high-temperature conditions.)