Constant Performance Bottom Mount Degassing Control System

Our Bottom Mount Dual-Stage Pump (DST) with Constant Performance PCB is a vacuum control system for use with IDEX film degassing chambers. The system includes a DST vacuum pump and a controller PCB that operates in two modes:

  • Similar to “Constant Vacuum” degasser pumps, the control system will maintain vacuum levels at a user-defined set point (default 120mmHg).
  • The Constant Performance algorithm allows the user to set a flow rate and desired efficiency, from which the control algorithms will determine the nominal vacuum level

With this patent-pending algorithm in our Constant Performance Degassing Pump System, the user gains the following benefits:

  • A Means To Select A Given Efficiency Of Degassing For Any HPLC System
  • Direct Link Between The Chromatographic Method Flow Rate And Optimal Vacuum Level.
  • Consistent Degassing Efficiency For Flow Rates 0-10mL/Min
  • Operates At the Highest Possible Pressure Minimizing Solvent Loss To The Laboratory Atmosphere.
  • Reduction Of Mobile Phase Concentration Changes Due To Pervaporation
  • Reduced Vacuum Pump Wear Due To Lower Pump RPM

Combine this with our Film Degasser to get a revolutionary intelligent user control for HPLC degassing that provides more performance, more efficiency, and more control for instrument reliability.

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Constant Performance Bottom Mount Degassing Control System


Height (in) 2.53
Length (in) 4.98
Max Temperature, ºC 1 to 60
Mounting Bottom Mount
Power Requirements 15-24 VDC @ 0.75 Amp max. (< 5 Watts consumption average)
Vacuum Connection Barb Fitting for 1/8 inch (3mm) ID Elastomeric tubing
Vacuum Flow Path Materials 316L Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, PTFE, EPDM Rubber
Vacuum Performance ±10mmHg from setpoint
Width (in) 1.65