KIT.C.10.4 Quaternary Mobile Phase Tubing Kit

Mobile Phase Tubing Kits

Quaternary Mobile Phase Tubing Kit

We offer a high-quality mobile phase tubing kit used by industry-leading Liquid Chromatography
manufacturers. Each kit contains four color-coded sets of tubing to get you up and running in no
4 – 1.4M 1/8” OD FEP Solvent Inlet Tubing with 10µm SS Solvent Filter, GL45 Bottle Cap and ¼-28
4 – 30cm 1/8” OD FEP Tubing with ¼-28 Fittings
1 – 0.6M 1/16” OD FEP Tubing
1 – 10-32 Coned Port Fitting for 1/16” OD Tubing
1 – 1M 1/8” OD FEP Tubing