DEGASSER Assembly (IU02-1003)

The Systec AF retrofit kit is a drop-in assembly that can be installed in less than 20 minutes, requires only the use of a #1 Phillips screwdriver, and provides the following benefits over the original configuration. This kit retains the original control board and vacuum sensor, so all communication functions with the HPLC stack and computer software are maintained.



Go from 12ml internal degassing membrane volume down to 480μl with our Systec AF membranes, which results in easier priming, lower flow restriction, reduced solvent changeover quantity requirements, and faster equilibration times (less than 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes).


The Zero Hysterises Constant Run (ZHCR®) vacuum control makes sure the vacuum is maintained at a constant mm/Hg level (other vacuum levels available on request) which eliminates detector baseline noise due to varying vacuum levels in the chamber that occurs the with original 1100 On/Off vacuum pump control.


  •  PPS or PEEK
  •  Glass Filled PTFE (25% Glass)
  •  Systec AF®
  •  The GPC configuration has 316 SS and the PPS is 40% glass-filled


Working with GPC or Normal Phase Chromatography? Use our special GPC version of the above degasser retrofit kits. The GPC version use the same stented degassing chambers as we use in DEGASi GPC, enabling you to run aggressive GPC solvents and Normal Phase solvents as hexane.




Additional Information

4X 480μL Chambers, 3.0mL/Min., 4X 480μL Chambers, 3.0mL/Min. with GPC, stented Systec AF

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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