IDEX Refractomax RI Detectors

The handling of our IDEX RefractoMax RI Detectors is easy given that the user can see the working conditions at a glance on the colored display screen. Also, complex processes such as the change of eluent in the reference cell can be automated via the start-up button. Furthermore, simple instrument validation and calibration can also be carried out via the “HELP” function. A stable baseline is achieved in the shortest possible time by optimization of the temperature control and thermal isolation. Due to its baseline stability, the RefractoMax shows a superior signal-to-noise ratio. Nearly no drift appears, even at long analysis times. The detector is equipped with a leak-sensor that switches off the pump automatically. External inlet and outlet ports allow communication with all chromatography systems. Our IDEX RefractoMax RI is available in three flow rate options:

RefractoMax Micro: flow rates: 0.1 – 1 mL/min
RefractoMax Analytical: flow rates: 1 – 5 mL/min
RefractoMax Semi-Prep: flow rates: 1 – 50 mL/min

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Key features:

  • simple handling
  • accurately tempered
  • measuring cell -high sensitivity
  • safety features
  • various automated functions
Additional Information
Flow Rate

Micro: 0.1 – 1 mL/min, Analytical: 1 – 5 mL/min, Semi-Prep: 1 – 50 mL/min

Files and Documentation

Files and Documentation

Data Sheet