MCI GEL Cation Exchange Columns applications – sugars, carboxylic acids, (poly) alcohols, etc

MCI GEL™ packing media include ion exchange resins (cation and anion), a non-functionalized polymer used for reversed-phase chromatography, and other varieties of products. Also, MCI GEL™ offers a mean particle size of 4µm to approximately 150µm packing media. This means that MCI GEL™ products are applied to analysis use and preparative use.

Ordering Information

Product name Application  USP
General sugar separation columns L58
CK08EC The most general sugar separation column
Highly recommended for fructose and glucose
This column conforms to US Pharmacopeia
CK08ES Gel permeation chromatographic effect
CK08EH Organic acids with H3PO4 eluent; sugars with distilled water eluent L17
CK06SC Use for analysis of mono-saccharides and disaccharides






Additional Information
Particle Size

11µm, 9µm, 7µm


50mm, 10mm, 500mm, 300mm, 250mm

Internal Diameter

6.0mm, 4.0mm, 8.0mm, 4.6mm

Counter Ion

Na+, Ca2+, Ag+, H+, SO2-4, AcO-

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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