MCI GEL Size Exclusion Columns

MCI GEL™ packing media include ion exchange resins (cation and anion), a non-functionalized polymer used for reversed-phase chromatography, and other varieties of products. Also, MCI GEL™ offers a mean particle size of 4µm to approximately 150µm packing media. This means that MCI GEL™ products are applied to analysis use and preparative use.

Ordering Information

  • CQP Series
Particle size Product name Inner diameter (mm) Length (mm) USP
10 CQP06 7.5 600 L25
10 CQP10 7.5 600 L38
10 CQP30 7.5 600 L37, L38
  • Guard columns
Product name Inner diameter (mm) Length (mm)
CQP06G 4.0 50
CQP10G 4.0 50
CQP30G 4.0 50






Additional Information
Particle Size

7.5µm, 4µm


600mm, 50mm

Internal Diameter

7.5mm, 4.0mm

Pore Size

12Å, 20Å, 60Å

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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