Preparative Degassing Chamber (2 Ch 20mL/min)


Our Prep/Semi-Prep Scale Degassing Chamber is built for the rigors of modern preparative and semiprep scale HPLC. Its unique design assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available. The chambers are available in single or dual channel configurations, allowing two solvent lines to be degassed simultaneously by one unit.



Chemical Compatibility Organic Solvent Compatible See Solvent Compatibility Chart
Height (in) 2.42
Internal Volume mL 8.4
Length (in) 4.84
Liquid Connections 1_4-28 UNF
Max Flow Rate (mL/min) 30
Membrane Type Systec AF
# of Channels 2
Pressure Rating Max (psi) 70
Tubing ID (in) 0.075
Vacuum Connection Barb connector for 1/8” ID elastomeric Tubing
Wetted Materials Systec AF, PEEK and Glass-filled PTFE
Width (in) 3.38