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The Runge’s Mikron Detectors product line has the following unique features: Flexible. Light sources, filters and measuring can be adapted to changing tasks. Ideal solution for changing tasks, yet more affordable and more compact than a fully variable detector. Future-proof: Technical progress in LEDs is ongoing – with the mikron you can be part of it, even after two or five years. Connective: USB-C connector for data and energy, drivers for Data Apex Clarity, SCPA, ChromStar, SCPA PrepCon, LabVIEW, open Runge protocol for customized implementation.

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  • small: LED technology is what makes Mikron possible
  • cool: functions at 4°C (39°F), no waste heat
  • durable: at least 5,000 operating hours
  • thrifty: under 2.5 W power consumption
  • non-toxic: no mercury vapor lamp
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Mikron 31 Photometer, Mikron 71 Fluorimeter, Mikron 81 Conductivity Meter

Files and Documentation

Files and Documentation

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