ChromaNik SunShell SFC Diol

SunShell SFC Diol is another commonly used stationary phase in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. It is composed of high-purity silica support that is chemically bonded with polar diol groups. This stationary phase provides unique selectivity based on hydrogen bonding interactions. Applications: SFC Diol is well-suited for the separation of polar and moderately polar compounds including carbohydrates, nucleosides, organic acids, and other hydrophilic compounds. It is particularly useful in analyzing complex mixtures and food samples, where retention of polar analytes is essential.

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Catalog Number


Catalog Number

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SunSHell SFC Diol, 2.6 μm

50 IU-UL6941 IU-UL6341 IU-UL6441 L20
100 IU-UL6961 IU-UL6361 IU-UL6461 L20
150 IU-UL6971 IU-UL6371 IU-UL6471  L20


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Internal Diameter

2.1, 3.0, 4.6


50, 100, 150