Biotech Liquid Flow Meter – Measuring Without Interference In Your Fluidic Systems

Biotech Liquid Flow Meter
Biotech Liquid Flow Meter

Measures continuous flow rates without interference in your fluidic systems

The new Biotech Liquid Flow Meter can continuously and accurately determine inline flow rates in any mode of liquid chromatography without system interference. It is compatible with all HPLC and GPC solvents, conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB
connection. It is very easy to use, small enough to fit in your hand or lab coat pocket – weighing less than your cell phone! The Biotech Liquid Flow Meter comes pre-calibrated and can be connected inline in any orientation to continuously measure flow rates.

  • Improved results. Supplied digitally calibrated, the AB-40010 delivers high-precision and accuracy across a wide measurement range.
    Validate your system and get pump performance diagnostics at the same time!
  • Ease of use. Specially designed app for easy interaction.
    * Save the data to your system
    * Set the integration time – from continuous reading up to 10 seconds
    * Choose between 5 different pre-calibrated solvents, or add your own!
  • Reliable Trouble-free Operation. The ultra-reliable AB-40010 is suitable for virtually any flow application and compatible with all standard GPC/HPLC solvents.
  • Application Areas:
    * Chromatography – validation & diagnostic purpose
    * Peristaltic pump monitoring
    * Flow chemistry
    * Process flow applications

The Biotech Liquid Flow Meter is specifically designed for continuous measurement of flow rate
without interference in liquid chromatography systems. Being compatible with most solvents, a
wide pH range, and pressures up to 3 MPa (435 psi), it is the perfect tool for high-precision
measurement of flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 5 mL/min.
Via its USB interface and modern PC application, data is recorded as time series, which is helpful
when troubleshooting pumps, check valves or other malfunctioning components in liquid
chromatography equipment.
The app allows the user to select the integration interval for average flow rate or pump performance.
The current flow rate is displayed on the Flow Meter’s integral high-resolution OLED display while
recording and storing the measured flow rates. Extraordinary high resolution and wide dynamic
range make the Biotech Liquid Flow Meter the perfect flow monitoring tool for the most demanding
HPLC and GPC systems.


 Micro Flow
Prep Flow
High Flow
Measuring Range10 nl-80 uL/min1 uL-5 mL/min0.1-40mL/min0.1-650 mL/min
Maximum resolution1 nL/min1uL/min0.1 mL/min0.1 mL/min
Accuracy>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD
Precision>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD>0.2% FSD
Integration Time Factor
Maximum Pressure3 MPa(435 psi)3 MPa(435 psi)1.2 MPa(174 psi)0.3 MPa(43 psi)
pH Operating Range1 to 111 to 111 to 111 to 11
Measuring Cell Volume5 uL94 uL58 uL276 uL
Cell Diameter0.43 mm1.8 mm1.4 mm4
Cell Length37 mm37 mm22 mm22
Fluidic ConnectorsFemale 1/4"-28 flat bottomFemale 1/4"-28 flat bottomFemale 1/4"-28 flat bottom8mm Barbed end with tubing***
Pressure dropD1 mbar0.12 mbar*<4 mbar<4 mbar
Sensor ModuleQuartz glass (borosilicate) and PEEKPPS, SS-316 and epoxy resin
DisplayHigh resolution OLED display
ControlUSB-powered plug-and-play software
CalibrationValidated with water. Calibrations factors included
1. Water (validatedYes
2. MethanolYesYesYesYes
3. THFYesYes_**_**
4. Acetonitrile/waterYesYesYesYes
*@5 mL/ml with water** THF is not tolerated
*** Tubing type to be agreed on
Temperature range 10-50°C