ChromaNik Technologies’ New HPLC Products For 2023

SunShell Bio C18
SunShell Bio C4
SunShell Bio Phenyl

The core-shell particle with 1000 Å pore size and 2.6 μm particle
size for separation of oligonucleotides, RNAs, monoclonal
antibodies and proteins.

SunShell SFC 2-EP
SunShell SFC Diol
SunShell SFC Silica

The core-shell particle with 90 Å pore size and 2.6 μm particle size
for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and unified chromatography.

SunShell HILIC Diol
SunShell HILIC Amide
SunShell HILIC Silica

The core-shell particle with 90 Å pore size and 2.6 μm particle size
for HILIC separation of polar compounds.


SunShell Biphenyl 2.6 μm
Prominert Biphenyl 3.5 μm
Sunniest Biphenyl 5 μm





The Biphenyl phase offers enhanced selectivity, improved analyte retention based on CH-π interaction, stability, compatibility with different detectors, and versatility. These advantages make it a valuable tool for researchers and analysts in a wide range of industries, including
pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, and natural product isolation.

The ChromaNik tri-functional biphenyl stationary phase offers enhanced separation selectivity, high hydrogen bond capacity, excellent stability, and versatility in applications. Researchers and analysts can benefit from its unique features to achieve improved analytical performance and reliable results in their work.