Chromanik Technology

Founded in 2005 in Osaka Japan founded by Dr. Norikazu Nagae who has worked in HPLC since 1985. Dr. Nagae developed Sunrise, Sunniest, Sunshell, and Sunarmor Columns. Dr. Nagae developed Sunrise, Sunniest, Sunshell, and SunArmor Columns

Chromanik Technologies has a unique tri-functional bonding technology.

PDF: Bonding State of Sunniest C18 on Silica

This technology allows our columns to be more hydrophobic, more retentive, and more stable under basic and acidic pH conditions.  

End capping Technology for Sunniest and Sunshell

Porous HPLC Columns:

Sunniest HPLC Columns

Phases include: C18, C18 HT (UHPLC) C8, RP-Aqua (C28), PhE (Phenylethyl)  PFP (Pentafluorophenyl), Cyano

Comparison Information vs. competitors


The SunArmor HPLC column provides a wide pH range from 2-12 for C18 and NH2 columns.  The SunArmor RP-Aqua has a pH range of 2-10. 

Core Shell HPLC Columns:

SunShell HPLC Columns

The Sunshell Advantage vs. Other Coreshell C18’s and Other Totally Porous C18’s with 2μm and Less Than 2μm

Phases Include:  Sunshell C18, C18WP, C8, RP Aqua, PFP, Phenyl, C30, PFP, 2-EP, HILIC-Amide, HILIC-S,  HFC 18-16,   HFC 18-30,  C8-30, C8-30HT, C4-30