Runge™ Mikron Detector Series

Pyvot is a global distributor of Runge´s Mikron detectors.
Our product line has the following unique features:

Light sources, filters, and measures can be adapted to changing tasks. It’s an ideal solution for changing routine tasks, yet more affordable and more compact than a fully-variable detector.

Runge 04


Technical progress in LEDs is ongoing –
with the Mikron, you can be part of it.

Runge 02


USB-C connector for data and energy, drivers for Data Apex Clarity, SCPA ChromStar, SCPA PrepCon, LabVIEW, and open Runge protocol for customized implementation.




LED technology is what makes Mikron possible to function at 4°C (39°F), with no waste heat, at least 5,000 operating hours under 2.5 W power consumption, and no mercury vapor lamp.


Mikron 31 photometer

Runge mikron 31 photometer


The Mikron 31 is the photometer you can take to the measurement site. It simultaneously takes measurements on one or two wavelengths (rapid scanning).

It can be used directly in chilled environments down to 4°C (39°F) and its optical design with a reference channel guarantees a high degree of accuracy with no external calibration.

Key Features:

  • Mikron 31 Photometer : Utilizes LED technology to stay cool for photometer measurements.
  • Three Cell Geometries: Available in three different geometries for photometry.

Liquid Chromatography Detectors


Runge mikron 71 fluorimeter 7

mikron 71 fluorimeter

The Mikron 71 is the first pocket-model fluorimeter in the world. The detector comes with fixed but exchangeable wavelengths for simulation and emission.

Thanks to the LED light source, this detector can be used directly in a chilled setting at 4 °C (39°F) in bioanalysis. The reference channel ensures a high degree of accuracy with no external calibration.

Key Features:

  • LED-based fluorescence detector: Compact design powered by USB-C cable for seamless communication.
  • Modular system with multiple flow cell alternatives, allowing for up to two filters and two LED light sources in parallel.
  • Wide selection of wavelengths for versatile applications, ideal for instruments lacking fluorescence detection like preparative chromatography systems.
  • Successful detection of proteins down to the nanomolar level.
  • Comes with proprietary software for easy control via USB-C connection, compatible with existing chromatography systems.
  • Plug-and-play functionality for effortless integration.
  • LED lights maintain solution temperature, enabling operation in refrigerated environments down to +4°C.
  • Additional offerings include a photometer and conductivity meter with a similar design and LED lights.
  • Enhance your laboratory capabilities with our advanced LED-based detection technology.

Liquid Chromatography Detectors

Mikron 81 conductivity meter

Runge mikron 81 conductivity meter

Because of its small size, the Mikron 81 conductivity meter can be used at the measurement site. It has a broad measurement range of five decades and can be adjusted even more accurately to your requirements by selecting the appropriate measuring cell.

The detector can be used in chilled environments down to 4°C (39°F). The internal measurement resistance calibrates itself every time it is switched on and when instructed. It also automatically identifies the cell constant of existing measuring cells.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Conductivity Measurement: Easily measure conductivity at 100 Hz 
  • Mikron 81 Conductivity Meter: Maintains coolness for conductivity measurements.
  • Two Electrical Cell Constants: Options include two electrical cell constants for conductivity measurements.
  • Hardware Connectivity:  communicates via USB or industry-standard RS-485.
  • Robust Round Plug: RS-485 connection features a durable round plug for reliable performance

Liquid Chromatography Detectors 

Runge Mikron 81 Manual