Biphenyl: Introducing Tri-Functional Columns for Enhanced HPLC Separation

Biphenyl columns are currently available from several HPLC column manufacturers. Their biphenyl phases are only mono-functional. The tri-functional biphenyl stationary phase was modified on a core shell silica and end-capped double at the high reaction temperature. The tri-functional biphenyl stationary phase was compared with the mono-functional biphenyl stationary phase not only for the measurement of hydrogen bond capacity, hydrophobicity and steric selectivity but also for the peak shape of a metal chelating compound and basic compound. Furthermore, the stability of each biphenyl stationary phase was evaluated under both acidic and basic pH conditions. Although the phenyl stationary phase shows higher hydrogen bond capacity than the alkyl stationary phase, the biphenyl stationary phase showed the highest hydrogen bond capacity. Such a high hydrogen bond capacity led to unique separation selectivity when separating o; m; p; methyl hippuric acid and nucleic bases. The proposed tri-functional biphenyl stationary phase was most stable under both acidic and basic pH conditions.

SunShell Core-Shell Particle
Sunniest Fully Porous Particle

Features of Biphenyl

  • The two benzene rings of the biphenyl group are twisted about 45° and the biphenyl group shows different separation from the phenyl group alone.
  • Even when an aqueous mobile phase containing no organic solvent is used, there is no decrease in retention, and separation with high reproducibility of retention time is achieved.
  • Greater retention of polar compounds such as caffeine.

Interaction of L11 stationary phase (Phenyl, Biphenyl)

Specification of Sunniest Biphenyl
Fully porous silicaBonded Phase
Particle size
Pore size
Specific surface area (m2/g)Carbon
loading (%)
Stationary phase USP
L line
End-cappingpH range
Sunniest Biphenyl51234011BiphenylL11Sunniest end-capping1.5 - 9
Specification of SunShell Biphenyl
Core shell silica Bonded phase
size (μm)
Core size
Pore size
Specific surface
area (m2
loading (%)
Stationary phaseUSP
L line
pH range
SunShell Biphenyl2.61.691505BiphenylL11Sunniest end-capping60 MPa1.5 - 9
Specification of other Biphenyl (cited from a brochure)
Company A Biphenyl 2.6-----1010011BiphenylL11TMS60 MPa1.5 - 8.5
Company B Biphenyl 2.7-----91507 Biphenyldimethylsilane L11Yes60 MPa1.5 - 8.0
Company C Biphenyl 2.7-----91507BiphenyldimethylsilaneL11Yes60 MPa1.5 - 9.0

Comparison of Sunshell Biphenyl vs. other manufacturers Biphenyl phase columns using standard samples/basic compounds.

Stability comparison of Sunshell vs. other manufacturers Biphenyl phase columns

Application and comparison information using  creatinine, mandelic acid, hippuric acid, and methylhippuric acid 

Separation of 6 Kinds of DPNH Aldehyde using C18 and Biphenyl Column

Application and Comparison information between different stationary phases using nucleic acid bases