SunShell PFP&C18 2.6 um

Core Shell Particle

Sunniest PFP&C18 5 um

Totally porous particle

Add C18 hydrophobicity to PFP separation!
Increased retention and improved durability

  Inner diameter (mm) 2.1 3.0 4.6 10 20
USP categogory
Length (mm) Catalog No. Catalog No. Catalog No. Catalog No. Catalog No.
SunShell PFP&C18, 2.6 μm 30IUCV6931IUCV6331IUCV6431 L43
50IUCV6941IUCV6341IUCV6441 L43
75IUCV6951IUCV6351IUCV6451 L43
100IUCV6961IUCV6361IUCV6461 L43
150IUCV6971IUCV6371IUCV6471 L43

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 Inner diameter (mm) category
Length (mm)Catalog No.Catalog No.Catalog No.Catalog No.Catalog No.
Sunniest PFP&C18, 5 μm50IUEV3241IUEV3341IUEV3441L43