Liquid Feeding Micro Pump uf-6000 Series

Analysis/high-pressure preparative type
column packing pump

Product Description
The uf-6000 series analysis/high-pressure preparative pump is a linear cam, dual plunger pump.
Equipped with a pressure sensor, drain valve, and pulse damper, stable liquid transfer with minimal pulsation is possible.
Also, constant pressure liquid delivery is possible.

Specification Overview

Liquid feeding methodLinear cam, dual plunger liquid feeding
Liquid feeding modeConstant flow liquid feeding, constant pressure liquid feeding
Pump headSUS316, PEEK, Diflon
Check valveDouble check valve, single check valve
Plunger sealWith back cleaning function
Dimensions140W x 170H x 370D


(1) uf-6000-2 series analysis/high-pressure preparative liquid pump:
Standard organic and inorganic solvents can be delivered.

(2) uf-6000P2 series column filling pump:
A pump compatible with high pressure for column filling.

(3) uf-6000F2 series liquid pump:
The wetted parts are fluororesin, sapphire, ruby, and alumina. Strong acids can also be delivered by changing the plunger.

  • The test solvent for the above specifications is ion exchange water.
    It may vary significantly depending on the physical properties of the solvent, such as specific gravity and viscosity.
  • If you wish to use the following solvents, please consult us in advance.
    (Specific gravity other than 0.8 to 1.5, viscosity other than 0.8 to 10CP, low boiling point, easy to generate bubbles, strong corrosivity)