Introducing the UF 20000 Series Pump: Enhancing Liquid Transfer

Pulseless constant flow/constant pressure liquid
pump (compatible with 198MPa)

Product Description

The UF-20000 series is a linear cam, dual plunger liquid delivery type column packing and high-pressure preparative pump.
It is ideal as a pump for ultra-high pressure reactions as it is capable of constant flow and constant pressure liquid transfer at ultra-high pressure.
Additionally, the flow rate and pressure can be programmed using an external device (such as a computer).

Specification Overview

Liquid feeding method Linear cam, dual plunger liquid feeding, non-pulsating liquid feeding
Liquid feeding mode Constant flow liquid feeding, constant pressure liquid feeding
Pump head SUS316, PEEK, Diflon
Usage example For high-throughput column filling, For HPLC column packing, ultra-high pressure reaction


(1) uf-20010~20030 series: High pressure to ultra-high pressure type (~99MPa, ~198MPa compatible)

(2)uf-20100 Series

(3)uf-20200 Series

(4)uf-20300~20400 Series

(5)uf-20500 Series

(6)uf-21000 Series

(7)uf-22000 Series

(8) uf-24000 Series

(9) uf-25000 Series

  • The test solvent for the above specifications is ion exchange water.
    It may vary significantly depending on the physical properties of the solvent, such as specific gravity and viscosity.
  • If you wish to use the following solvents, please consult us in advance.
    (Specific gravity other than 0.8 to 1.5, viscosity other than 0.8 to 10CP, low boiling point, easy to generate bubbles, strong corrosivity)