MarvelXACT™ UHPLC Connection Systems: Finger-tight with a “Click” Feedback


Ensure a Perfect Connection Every Time with the New MarvelXACT™
Fitting System for Trouble-free Liquid Chromatography

Our expertly designed MarvelXACT™ connection system takes the guesswork out of your process by eliminating the risk of under- and over-tightening with our patented torque-limiting mechanism. This unique feature provides a haptic “click” feedback when it reaches the optimum torque, assuring a perfect connection every time. Built with sturdy, bioinert PEEK and stainless steel, MarvelXACT™ can be connected and disconnected more than 100 times.

MarvelXACT Features

IDX2529 MarvelXACT 

Product Specifications
Pressure Capability 19,000 psi (~1,310 bar) for routine use; up to 23,000 psi max overpressure for PEEK-lined versions; up to 29,000 psi max overpressure for stainless steel versions
Installation Method Finger-tighten until the first “click” feedback is received.
Tubing Type 1/32” OD flexible 316 stainless steel with 1/16” OD rigid tube ends
Fitting Type 10-32 threaded, PEEK fittings with 316 stainless steel threads
Wetted Materials PEEK-lined versions: PEEK | stainless steel versions: PEEK and 316 stainless steel
NOTE: The above performance specifications apply to use with appropriately-designed receiving ports under optimal conditions, using water for the testing process. If different conditions are used, the expected pressure threshold will be different.

Comparative Example

Additional Information

Recommended tube inner diameter
Fully porous 3µm, 3µm columnsCore shell ( 2µm, 3µm ) columns with total porosity of 2µm or less
Inner diameter 4.6 (mm)254µm - 125µm125µm - 100µm
Inner diameter 3.0 (mm)150µm - 100µm100µm - 75µm
Inner diameter 2.1 (mm)125µm - 75µm75µm
Inner diameter 1.0 (mm)100µm - 75µm75µm - 50µm
Pressure on tubing
*Marvel X PLS Inner diamater 75µm, length 250 mm 2 pieces connected (total 500mm)
Flow rate (ml/min)
Pressure (MPa)
Pressure (psi)145551113119143596

Measurement conditions Mobile phase: Acetonitrile/ water = 60/40, Temperature: 25°C
The relationship between the inner diameter (R) of the pipe and the pressure (P) applied to the pipe is P= A/ R4 (A is a coefficient). If the inner diameter of the pipe is halved, the pressure applied to the pipe will be 16 times.