MarvelXACT™ UHPLC Connection Systems: Finger-tight with a “Click” Feedback

Ensure a Perfect Connection Every Time with the New MarvelXACT™
Fitting System for Trouble-free Liquid Chromatography

Our expertly designed MarvelXACT™ connection system takes the guesswork out of your process by eliminating the risk of under- and over-tightening with our patented torque-limiting mechanism. This unique feature provides a haptic “click” feedback when it reaches the optimum torque, assuring a perfect connection every time. Built with sturdy, bioinert PEEK and stainless steel, MarvelXACT™ can be connected and disconnected more than 100 times.

MarvelXACT Features

IDX2529 MarvelXACT 


Product Specifications
Pressure Capability 19,000 psi (~1,310 bar) for routine use; up to 23,000 psi max over pressure for PEEK-lined versions; up to 29,000 psi max over pressure for stainless steel versions
Installation Method Finger-tighten until the first “click” feedback is received.
Tubing Type 1/32” OD flexible 316 stainless steel with 1/16” OD rigid tube ends
Fitting Type 10-32 threaded, PEEK fittings with 316 stainless steel threads
Wetted Materials PEEK-lined versions: PEEK | stainless steel versions: PEEK and 316 stainless steel
NOTE: The above performance specifications apply to use with appropriately-designed receiving ports under optimal conditions, using water for the testing process. If different conditions are used, the expected pressure threshold will be different.

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Additional Information

Recommended tube inner diameter
Fully porous 3µm, 3µm columnsCore shell ( 2µm, 3µm ) columns with total porosity of 2µm or less
Inner diameter 4.6 (mm)254µm - 125µm125µm - 100µm
Inner diameter 3.0 (mm)150µm - 100µm100µm - 75µm
Inner diameter 2.1 (mm)125µm - 75µm75µm
Inner diameter 1.0 (mm)100µm - 75µm75µm - 50µm
Pressure on tubing
*Marvel X PLS Inner diamater 75µm, length 250 mm 2 pieces connected (total 500mm)
Flow rate (ml/min)
Pressure (MPa)
Pressure (psi)145551113119143596

Measurement conditions Mobile phase: Acetonitrile/ water = 60/40, Temperature: 25°C
The relationship between the inner diameter (R) of the pipe and the pressure (P) applied to the pipe is P= A/ R4 (A is a coefficient). If the inner diameter of the pipe is halved, the pressure applied to the pipe will be 16 times.