Plate Seals and Tube Plates

Plate Seals

 Plate seals mitigate issues with contamination, evaporation, and sample-loss during thermal cycling, PCR, and storage. Please click on the links below to view features, applications, and specs for each seal.

Super Slit Seal, 96-well Plate Seal

Simple Piercing Seals

Tube Plate 600

Specialized plate for enzyme study.

The Tube Plate 600 (TP-600) is ideal for in vitro metabolic stability studies. The enzyme assay plate is made of polypropylene and does not contain any enzyme inhibitors such as EDTA and other contaminants. In addition, superior thermal distribution between and among each well provides less variation in results after incubation. The 600 µL capacity per well allows flexibility in study design, and suggested applications are Kinetic Assays, High Throughput Screening, Cold Storage, and Process Automation.