Prominert Biphenyl 3.5μm and Prominert C18, 3.5μm

  • The Highest Deactivation Universal Reversed-Phase Columns
  • The best separation at less than 20 MPa
  • Works with any HPLC systems
  • Tandem TMS End-capping
  • Tandem TMS deactivation provides alkaline durability comparable to Hybrid silica
  • High durability

ChromaNik Technologies Brief history of successive HPLC columns and an overview of the new column Prominert

2005: Established ChromaNik
2006: Initiated research and development of a unique hybrid column called Post-X2, combining silica and polymers knowledge.
2007: Developed silanol activity control technology (SAC) and introduced Sunrise C18-SAC, offering unparalleled selectivity.
2008: Launched Sunniest series, a highly stable and low-adsorption fully-porous column, featuring advanced deactivation technology known as Sunniest End-capping.
2011: Introduced SunShell, a column applying intensive deactivation treatment to superficially porous (core-shell type) particles. This marked the beginning of our continuous development of new particles and stationary phases (PFP&C18, Biphenyl, etc.).
2015: Released SunArmor, a fully porous column with exceptional alkali durability.
In 2023, we proudly unveiled Prominert, our latest column developed utilizing our accumulated expertise. Prominert delivers the highest resolution in conventional HPLC, surpassing UHPLC. It boasts outstanding separation performance and exceptional durability.