Super Slit Seal, 96-well Plate Seal

Instant Self-closing Seal

The Super Slit Seal is a resistant, instant self-closing 96-well plate seal.

The adhesive-free, pre-cut slits made of silicone and PET allow easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and sampling needles without catching and dragging.

The Super Slit Seal is proven to prevent solvent evaporation and cross-contamination. Acrylic-based adhesive is not above wells to prevent sample leaching. The seal can be easily applied and removed.

Suggested applications include automated pipetting and liquid handling, SPE, HPLC, LC/MS, cell culturing, and ADME.

Concentration change with SUPER Slit Seal after dispensing

Features Applications Specifications
Self-closes instantly Automated Single Molecule Imaging Size: 80 mm x 122 mm (96-well format)
No cross-contamination between wells Cell Culturing Material: PET, Silicone
Allows next day analysis BioChemical Assays Adhesive: Acrylic based (no adhesive over well spots)
No adhesive on well spots Incubation Functional temperature range: -80°C to +100°C
Pipette tips insert easily with less friction Vortex No PCR inhibition
Reduce solvent evaporation Automated Pipetting and Liquid If DNA-free certification is needed, please contact us
DNA Extraction