Introducing SunArmor HPLC Columns SunArmor C18, RP- Aqua, NH2

The SunArmor HPLC column provides a wide pH range from 2-12 for C18 and NH2 columns.  The SunArmor RP-Aqua has a pH range of 2-10.  

The Chromanik final end-capping technology with a newly developed silylating agent and TMS allows these columns to not be affected by residual silanol groups and shows a better peak shape of acidic, basic, and metal chelating compounds compared to competitors with hybrid C18 columns.

Characteristics of SunArmor

Stationary PhaseParticle size (µm)Pore diameter(nm)Specific surface area (m2/g)Carbon loading (%)LingandpH range for usageUSP Category
SunArmor C183 and 51234017C182-12L1
SunArmor RP-Aqua3 and 51234018C282-10Equivalent to L62
SunArmor NH23 and 5123406.5Aminopropyl2- 12L8

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