PVDF Syringe Filter Non- Sterile

Technical Specifications

Retention Efficiency0.2 µm —LRV > 7 for Brevundimonas diminuta
0.45 µm —LRV > 7 for Serratia marcescens
Effective filtration area0.1cm² for 4mm, 0.8 cm² for 13mm & 3.9 cm² for 25mm
Hold up volume10 µl for 4 mm, 20 µl for 13 m & 100 µl for 25 mm(after air purge)
Extractable (NVR)Very low (with in limit as specified in USP XXIV)
Initial Water flow rate(ml/min at 10 psi for 25 mm)41.3 ml/min for 0.2 µm & 94.3 ml/min for 0.45 µm
Filtration Volume1ml for 4mm, 1-10ml for 13mm & 10-100ml for 25mm

  • For Analytical and Research applications.
  • For aqueous as well as organic solvent filtration
  • Filtration of difficult filter solutions.

Cat NO.Size/Dia.Micron RatingNos PktGo to Page
SFPV13RB13 mm0.2 µm100Details
SFPV13XB13 mm0.45 µm100Details
SFPV25RB25 mm0.2 µm100Details
SFPV25XB25 mm0.45 µm100Details
SFPV33RB33 mm0.2 µm50Details
SFPV33XB33 mm0.45 µm50Details
SFPV04RB4 mm0.2 µm100Details
SFPV04XB4 mm0.45 µm100Details