Separation of Isomers

Obtaining chromatographic separations for various types of chemical isomers require different approaches for each type. Chromanik Technologies and Pyvot have extensive application data that includes using C18, C30, PFP, and Biphenyl phases.

Separation of Isomers:

  • Separation of m-and-p-xylene
  • Separation of o, m, and p-toluidine
  • Separation of Vitamin E
  • Separation of Vitamin K1

The following includes more applications highlighting the strengths of Sunshell Biphenyl columns:

Application and comparison information using creatinine, mandelic acid, hippuric, and methyl hippuric acid.

Separation of 6 kinds of DPNH- 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazones.

Additional Information:

Isomer Application Data.