Separation of Peptides and Proteins Chromanik SunShell HPLC Columns

Pyvot, in collaboration with Chromanik Technologies, has a complete line of columns and applications for the separation of peptides and proteins. The Sunshell HFC-18 (Hexa-Functional has six functional groups) phase has good stability under acidic conditions. Our C8-30HT (high throughput) column allows for fast separation with sharp peaks. Additionally, our C4-100 Sunshell phase is very effective in separating monoclonal antibodies.

List of Phases for Separation of High Molecular Weight Compounds
Particle SizeCore diameterThickness of porous layerPore diameterSurface areaCarbon loadingSurface coverageEnd-capping
SunShell C4-1002.6μm1.6μm0.5μm100 nm22 m2/g0.6%3μmol/m2Yes
SunShell C4-302.6μm1.6μm0.5μm30 nm 40 m2/g0.9%3μmol/m2Yes
SunShell C8-100 prototype2.6μm1.6μm0.5μm100 nm22 m2/g0.9%2.5μmol/m2Yes
SunShell C8-302.6μm1.6μm0.5μm30 nm 40 m2/g1.2%2.5μmol/m2Yes
SunShell C8-30HT3.4μm3.0μm0.5μm30 nm 15 m2/g0.5%2.5μmol/m2Yes
SunShell C18-WP2.6μm1.6μm0.5μm16 nm90 m2/g5%2.5μmol/m2Yes
SunShell HFC18-162.6μm1.6μm0.5μm16 nm90 m2/g2.5%1.2μmol/m2Yes

Note: C4-30 and C8-30 phases are currently not being sold. We will keep you posted on any changes.  We have kept the phases in our presentation to compare the differences in order to provide perspective.