Chromanik SunShell HILIC-Amide, HILIC-S, 2.6μm

SunShell HILIC-Amide, 2.6μm

SunShell HILIC-S, 2.6μm

Characteristics of SunShell HILIC-Amide

  Core Shell silica Bonded phase
Particle size Core size Pore diameter Specific surface area
Carbon content Bonded phase End-capping Maximum operating pressure a USP category Available pH range
SunShell HILIC-Amide
2.6μm 1.6μm 9nm 150 m2/g
3% Amide No 60 MPa or 8,570 psi L68 2-8
SunShell HILIC-S
2.6μm 1.6μm 9nm 150 m2/g
0% Bare Silica No 60 MPa or 8,570 psi L3 1-5
The stationary phase of SunShell HILIC-Amide consists of AMIDE and HYDROPHILIC GROUP so this stationary phase is more polar than an individual group. High-speed separation is led by the core-shell structure that derives high efficiency and fast equilibration. HILIC-S is recommended for separation using LC/MS.

Separation of Nucleic acid bases: Comparison of the other core-shell hilic columns

HILIC Technical Notes