SunShell/Sunniest PFP and PFP & C18

SunShell PFP Columns 
The PFP columns are available in both coreshell and fully porous material is reverse-phase with high stereoselectivity. Compared to other reversed-phase columns, this stationary phase is more suitable for isomer analysis and hydrophilic compound analysis.  For basic compounds, it is possible to increase the retention of the compound by electrostatic interaction even under mobile phase conditions where the organic solvent concentration is high. ​

SunShell PFP & C18 Columns
SunShell PFP & C18 Column (Pentafluorophenyl  Phase & C18) has the same stereoselectivity as the SunShell PFP column but the hydrophobicity is greatly increased and the retention time is extended. PFP & C18 achieve the same separation as that of PFP, including the separation of fluorobenzene. Due to the increased hydrophobicity of the surface, the durability of PFP & C18 is approximately three times of a conventional PFP.

PDF: PFP and PFP&C18

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