How do you want your Tubing Kit?

We offer you a high-quality concept used by leading LC producers and consisting of 4 sets of FEP tubings with 10 um SS mobile phase filter (other porosities upon request) and Upchurch original Super Flangeless Fittings + mobile phase bottle caps + colored tubing marker.

Content of the kit (one example)       
Bottle Cap blue GL45, for 1/8” OD tubing 2 hole + 1 luer hole 4
Bottle Cap Plug, luer 4
Super Flangeless Ferrules ETFE for 1/8” OD tubing, yellow 4
Nut Super Flangeless 1/8” PEEK Blue 1
Nut Super Flangeless 1/8” PEEK Yellow 1
Nut Super Flangeless 1/8” PEEK Green 1
Nut Super Flangeless 1/8” PEEK Orange 1
FEP Tubing, 1/8” OD, 1/16” ID, per m 4 x 1,4 m
Solvent Filter SS 10 um with stem for 1/16” ID tube (40 ml/min) 4
Marker Tube Blue 1
Marker Tube Yellow 1
Marker Tube Green 1
Marker Tube Orange

Every tubing is color coded and so is the nut. Kits are mounted and ready to be used – individually packed into PE bags. Standard length is 1, 4 M – other lengths upon request.

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