Weakly Basic Anion Exchange Resins

Weakly basic anion exchange resins are a type of ion exchange resin that are used to remove negatively charged ions, such as chloride and sulfate ions, from water and other liquids. These resins are characterized by a weak basicity, meaning that they have a low capacity for exchanging ions, and are typically used in applications where a low ion exchange capacity is desirable. They can be used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals.

AcrylicTertiary AmineGel
DIAION™ WA10Free Base
WBAStyrenePolyaminePorousDIAION™ WA20Free Base
WBAStyrenePolyaminePorousDIAION™ WA21JFree Base
WBAStyreneDimethylamineHighly PorousDIAION™ WA30-
WBAStyreneDimethylamineHighly PorousDIAION™ WA30C-Low-odor, Low-leachable
WBAStyreneDimethylamineHighly PorousDIAION™ WA30LL-
WBAStyrene-Porous DIAION™ WA55Free Base
WBA--Porous Methacrylate
Weak Base anion
Sepabeads™ FPDA13diethylamino
WBAStyreneTertiary AmineHighly PorousRelite™ JA300Free Base
WBA---Relite™ JA300LL
WBAStyrene-Tertiary AmineHighly PorousRelite™ JA310Free Base
WBAStyreneType I, Nitrate
Selective Anion
GelRelite™ JA450Cl
WBAAcrylicType IGelRelite™ JA830Cl