Zeta Potential Analyzer

Zeta Potential Analyzer: ZEECOM Features
Electrophoresis MigrationYou can observe particle electrophoresis migration on the monitor on a real-time basis
Automatic MeasurementYou can specify the number of particles to be measured and measuring time
Measurement Time The time needed for measurement on ZEECOM all depends upon samples. 5 seconds should be enough for one single particle measurement. The software can track up to 50 to 100 particles simultaneously. Therefore, if you would like to take the data of 100 particles, it will take about 5 to 10 seconds
 Individual Particles Even when several kinds of particles are included in the sample, you can obtain the zeta potential of each type of particle. The software displays zeta potential distribution in the histogram
 Aggregation, Settlement, and Rising of particles In the zeta potential measurements, the
particle movement in the X-axis direction (direction of electrodes) is analyzed.
On the other hand, in the aggregation, settlement, and rising measurements, the tracking direction of the particles is in the Y-axis direction. This can measure the settling speed of aggregates and coarse particles and the rising speed of bubbles and hollow particles