Film Degasser Chambers

Our experts have pushed the limits of the current degassing solution and have developed a new cutting-edge technology, the Film Degasser, that revolutionizes HPLC degassing.  The Film Degasser provides powerful performance control with increased solvent compatibility. Designed with an innovative high performing membrane and a unique bioinert flow channel design, this product enables the highest efficiency and the lowest fluidic resistance in the market.  Further enhanced with our vacuum control methodology for constant performance, our Film Degasser uses a patent-pending algorithm that allows advanced control to select the optimal degassing efficiency for any HPLC separation method. This enables the consistent operation to reduce pervaporation and associated mobile phase concentration changes. It also provides the user experience to integrate degasser into the separation method control protocol and select a given efficiency for any HPLC system, which you can program to get the exact specification you need for every application.  You can now achieve, consistent degassing efficiency for flow rates from 0 – 10 mL/min.  Additionally, it provides significantly lower environmental impact by operating at the highest possible pressure, minimizing solvent loss to the laboratory atmosphere.

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Files and Documentation

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