Stability comparison of Sunshell vs. other manufacturers Biphenyl phase columns 

Comparison of Stability

Stability under acidic conditions compared baseline changes with elution of 1% aqueous phosphate solution and acetonitrile. Biphenyl groups are cut off from the silica surface under acidic conditions and elute out of the column as the amount of organic solvent increases. Baseline variability detected cut Biphenyl groups, with SunShell showing the least desorbed and high acid stability. In addition, under weakly alkaline condition, the silica dissolved and the column- inside was dented, so the theoretical plate number of the columns were compared. Since the Biphenyl column has high reproducibility of retention time even in a 100% aqueous mobile phase and is effective for separating highly polar compounds, stability comparison was performed under the condition of pH 8 that does not contain an organic solvent. SunShell is more than twice as durable as other companies’ columns.