HILICON iHILIC Fusion, PEEK, 3.5µm. silica

iHILIC columns are designed for the separation and purification of polar and hydrophilic compounds using Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC). The packed stationary phases are charge-modulated amide silica or polymer particles which are covalently bonded with neutral, positively charged, and negatively charged hydrophilic functional groups. Therefore, the separation mechanism with iHILIC columns is based on a combination of hydrophilic interaction, hydrogen bonding, and weak electrostatic interactions. They have unique separation selectivity and high separation efficiency. iHILIC columns are available in three different surface chemistries, providing complementary selectivity.

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Charge Modulated Hydroxyethyl Amide HILIC columns

  • UHPLC and HPLC
  • Silica-based, 1.8, 3.5. and 5 μm
  • Available in PEEK and stainless steel (SS)
  • High-efficiency and ultra-low bleeding

Additional Information
Internal Diameter

2.1mm, 4.6mm


20mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm

Particle Size

3.5, 5.0µm

Files and documentation

Files and documentation

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