SUMICHIRAL HSA (Human Serum Albumin)

SUMICHIRAL HSA (Human Serum Albumin) Ordering Information

Product Name Internal Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Product Code
2 150 IU-CS-HSA-2015W
3 100 IU-CS-HSA-3010W
3 150 IU-CS-HSA-3015W
4 100 IU-CS-HSA-4010W
4 150 IU-CS-HSA-4015W
HSA Guard cartridge 2 10 IU-CS-HSA-2001W
3 10 IU-CS-HSA-3001W
4 10 IU-CS-HSA-4001W
CH Cartridge holder IU-CSA-CH-3001W

Note: Those shown in red are standard size for analysis.
CH cartridge holder is necessary for the use of a guard cartridge.
SUMIPAX Filter can be used in place of a guard cartridge.


SUMICHIRAL HSA (Human Serum Albumin) Features:

  • Used for reversed-phase system
  • Effective for separating a wide range of chiral compounds
  • AGP is the most versatile, while CBH is effective for separating nitrogen-containing alkaline compounds and HSA for acidic compounds
Additional Information
Internal Diameter

2, 3, 4


10, 100, 150


CH Cartridge holder